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Spinning Mill Business Plan

Project Description

About Spinning Sector

Spinning sub-sector remains crucial to RMG value chain helping to stabilize supply chain, while controlling costs. The products of the spinning sub-sector are cotton yarn, polyester, synthetic yarn, woolen yarn and blended yarn mixed of cotton and polyester of different counts (mostly up to 80 count). Yarns are being used by the weaving sub-sectors like specialized textiles, handlooms and knitting and hosiery.

The growth in the export of clothing with the phasing out of MFA in 2005 has led to the setting up of 350 spinning mills and there has been a boost in investment since 2001. The private sector spinning mills can now meet around 100% demand of yarn at the domestic level as well as 95% of the demand for yarn for export oriented knit fabrics mills. In addition, almost 85% of cotton yarns and 50% demand for synthetic and blended yarn of export-oriented fabric producing mills are being met by the private sector spinning mills. The rest of the import is being met from China and India.

Bangladesh textile and apparel industry is standing at a cross road facing difficult challenges. But this is also true that opportunity resides at the opposite of the challenges. It’s a high time for the industry take appropriate steps to step over the hurdles and avail the opportunities in offering in plenty in the global market. Still Bangladesh is regarded as one of the best choices for most of the buyers as safe and secure source of readymade garments. And as our capability of designing and product development improves industry will start making more value added products, the trend of which is already evident. Today Bangladesh is the home of highest number of green factories which adds to our positive image as a sustainable partner of global business. And most importantly, non-compliance factories are gradually pushed out of the market which is also a good sign in the longer run.

Sheema Spinning Mills (Pvt.) Ltd (SSML) is a spinning mill unit which involves production of Woven and Denim Yarn and   Hosiery Yarn in its existing operations by its existing 30,336 spindles and 600 rotor rings.

SSML is currently manufacturing Woven and Denim Yarn (Yarn Count 13/1 and 45/1) and Hosiery Yarn (Rotor) (Yarn Count 10/1 and 25/1). The daily attainable production capacity of existing operation is 19,745 kg Woven and Denim Yarn and 3,527 kg Hosiery Yarn from rotor rings. Total production from existing operations is 23,272 kg per day.


SSML has planned for BMRE of its existing project where some machineries will be upgraded by replacement and will expand its operations by installing 20,160 new spindles for increasing the production capacity of the project.

As SSML has huge orders from buyers and high market reputation, they have planned for BMRE of the project and after BMRE of the project, SSML has planned to manufacture Hosiery Yarn (Yarn Count 25/1).

After BMRE of the project, SSML has planned to manufacture 16,129 kg Hosiery Yarn per day. Total production from BMRE operations will be 16,129 kg per day and total production from existing and BMRE operations will be 39,401 kg per day.

The attainable sales will be Daily BDT 10.30 mln, Monthly BDT 298.65 mln and Yearly BDT 3,583.82 mln.

This project is located at Voradova Valuka, Mymensingh, Bangladesh.