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SRCA Advisory aids businesses with IPO readiness by assisting in evaluating and implementing the requirements for going public and reporting as a public company.

The market for Initial Public Offerings has never been more complex or challenging. Our Pre-IPO Advisory Services team provides the end-to-end, “turn-key” solutions and strategies your organization needs through the Pre-IPO process. Our tools and methodologies help companies mitigate transaction risk and compress execution timelines so you can stay focused on your company and investors

Private companies have multiple options for providing liquidity for their investors. Whether a company’s goal is to go public, be acquired, or enter into one or more strategic partnerships, having a clearly articulated story and recognition among investors is important for maximizing valuation or setting the stage for the next financing. As a result, private companies should make it a priority to generate awareness and interest among public and private institutional investors, sell-side equity research analysts, and investment bankers.

When it comes to IPOs, investors prefer to have met the company more than once before the IPO roadshow. The more familiarity investors have with a company’s assets and management team, the better equipped they are to make investment decisions.

Our expert team of Pre-IPO advisory has significant experience assisting private companies with key initiatives including:

  • IPO readiness assessment
  • Advice on corporate restructuring prior to IPO
  • Due Diligence review and advice on the business plan, marketing positioning and development of an investment case
  • Preparation of corporate presentations and other promotional materials to potential underwriters, if necessary
  • Introduction and selection of sponsors, underwriters, auditors, legal advisors and other professionals
  • Referral of professionals, such as CEO, CFO, COO, etc. to strengthen the management team
  • Pre-IPO investment
  • Introduction of potential cornerstone investors and advice on the determination of pre-IPO and IPO pricing
  • Organizing and facilitating investor roadshows
  • Making introductions to relevant investment bankers and sell-side equity research analysts
  • Providing independent advice through the IPO roadshow and pricing
  • Establishing a post-IPO SRCA strategy and plan including preparing for lock-up expiration

Readiness. Risk management. Compliance.

“”Going public and dealing with public investors is a new game with different rules, we know it and we have done it.”

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Pre-IPO Expertise

Debobrota K. Sarker

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Debobrota Kumar Sarker