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Investment and Risk Management Advice

About Investment & Risk Management Advice

SRCA offers a broad ranging Investment and Risk Management service. We help banks, insurance companies, asset managers and corporate and public clients identify, assess, manage, report and limit the risks they face.

Global concerns about financial risk have been increasing. In this climate, enterprises of all kinds and sizes want robust financial risk management frameworks that satisfy compliance demands, contribute to better decision making and enhance performance.

SRCA’s Investment and Risk Management professionals work with financial institutions and other corporate clients to attain these objectives.

SRCA works with clients we highlight concerns and help improve processes, governance and strategy across a range of matters, including:

  • credit risk measurement and management
  • operational risk measurement and management
  • market and liquidity risks
  • economic capital management
  • capital adequacy & regulatory services
  • actuarial services & financial statement support
  • commodity & energy risk management
  • financial instruments accounting
  • insurance risk assessment
  • Basel II and Solvency II transformation
  • quantitative evaluation and management of portfolio risks
  • financial engineering
  • risk management in transactions
  • finance and treasury management and transformation
  • asset management advisory

We are trusted risk management advisers to the boards and executive teams of some of the country’s leading enterprises.

Risk Management Advisory Services

Our expert advisers, having considerable proficiency in risk management, compliance and regulatory affairs, are able to help any kind of organization identify, evaluate, control, report, manage and limit their risks.

We are currently trusted risk management advisors to the boards and executive teams of some of Bangladesh’s fastest growing enterprises.

We offer a full-support service in creating, evaluating or updating relevant documentation for policies, processes and procedures. We facilitate operational clarity, reduce senior management’s decision-making congestion and assist employees to perform with more autonomy.

Our team supports our clients constantly and helps them to improve their strategies, governance and processes. We help manage operational, liquidity, credit, market, sovereign, financial, reputation and legal risks. We create risk identification and measurement programs, develop risk control self-assessment programs and control risk mitigants.

5 Steps to Any Effective Risk Management Process

  • Identify the risk.
  • Analyze the risk.
  • Prioritize the risk.
  • Treat the risk.
  • Monitor the risk.

Strategies to Help Manage Investment Risk

  1. Reevaluating Portfolio Diversification and Asset Allocation
  2. Lowering Portfolio Volatility
  3. Investing Consistently
  4. Getting an Investment Risk Analysis
  5. Requiring a Margin of Safety
  6. Establishing a Maximum Loss Plan

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