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Real Estate Project Business Plan

Project Description

The real estate sector is the growth center for the development of any economy. As one of the most densely populated countries in the world, Bangladesh has been experiencing severe housing shortages. With the majority of the population in the middle and low-income groups, ensuring housing for all is difficult here. The private sector housing developers have met a large proportion of the national housing demand in the last 40 years.

Since 1970s, the Real Estate sector has been growing in leaps and bounds with growing urban population, growing income and change in demographics. Currently, 1,133 realtors are registered with REHAB, the apex body of real estate players.

People are migrating to urban areas because of both push and pull factors, thereby creating an urban sprawl. Meeting the huge demand for housing has become a challenge for the government. The real estate sector in Bangladesh has been operating for four decades, within which period it has fluctuated greatly.

Today the sector plays a major role in the national economy, contributing up to 7.08% of the national GDP in FY 2013-14 (BBS, 2014). In addition, the sector also contributed to the national economy through linkage industries, such as MS bar, cement, brick, sand, ceramic tiles, paint and other fixtures and fittings. Real Estate and Housing Association of Bangladesh (REHAB) declared that the sector along with its linkage industries contributed about 12% to the national GDP in 2014.

The housing sector is one of the main drivers of national economic development and industrialization of a country. In Bangladesh the housing sector has emerged as a critical sector of our economy. It has a huge multiplier effect on the economic activities and therefore, is a big driver of economic growth. It is one of the largest employment-generating sectors after agriculture and garments. This sector has been contributing (Directly and indirectly) about 12-15 per cent to Bangladesh’s gross domestic product (GDP). Not only does it produce directly and indirectly 2.5 million employment opportunities, but it also stimulates the demand for over 250 subsidiary industries, e.g. steel, cement, tiles and sanitary ware, cable and electric ware, paint, glass and aluminum, brick, building materials, consumer durables and so on.

In Bangladesh, before 1985, people in Dhaka city never thought of buying an apartment for living. Before 1995, people thought twice before buying an apartment. But in the last couple of years, interest in buying apartment has increased rapidly. The boom in Bangladesh real estate market took place between 1988 and 1991. But it faced fall in 1991-1992 gaining rise again in 1993-1994. From 1995-1998 there has been not so high growth but the market was stable. From 1999 to 2004 it has been growing rapidly caused by huge household demand, lack of enough land and rapid urbanization in Dhaka City.

The present rate of urbanization is 5-6% annually. About 25% of the people of Bangladesh are now living in urban areas and 40% will be living by 2021.

The potential target market for the project includes general public of upper-middle income group who have migrated to urban centers for better livelihood of their families. Particularly, working class of urban centers would be the major potential customers.

Nakshi Homes Ltd. is a fast-growing real estate company in Bangladesh. NHL is known for its spectacular and innovative living concepts and ultramodern architectural designs. The committed professional architects have made this Critical work possible. Nakshi Homes Ltd is an Organization which goal point and business targeted was fixed in six sense and it was possible by whom who was dynamic in leadership. In all, sense pragmatic leadership and will force with motive was in the mind of dreamer and creator of the Organization.

This proposed project involves construction of an ultra-modern commercial & residential complex named “Shantinagar Nakshi Icon Heights” under Nakshi Homes Ltd. This project is a artistic and modern architecture Commercial and Residential building project where all modern facilities will be available including  earthquake resistant over 7.5 Richter scale, automated car parking, lounge,  reception & lobby, lift, interior & exterior cafe ,eco-friendly amenities, Green roof top, Standard intercom system, fire safety, and water and energy efficient equipment.

This project will be designed by famous architectural firms of country and interior design will be designed magnificently by renowned interior designers. In the commercial building, there will be banks/financial institutions, corporate houses and hotels & restaurants in commercial building.

This ongoing project will be built as per RAJUK approval and Building Construction Rule’ 1996. NHL will take all necessary approvals from appropriate authority before constructing this project.

Total land area of this project is 102.5 Katha/169.66 decimals where present land value is BDT 24,000,000.00/decimal. The total land value is approximately BDT 4,071,724,137.93 in which developer is entitled 50.00%, i.e, BDT  2,035,862,068.97.

Total build up/construction area (with all bonus, basement, utility etc) is 655,200 square feet including driveway, Ground Common, Landscape, Utility, Services etc. is 40,298 square feet.

The area details of the buildings are as follows:

Commercial Building : 420,400 square Feet

  • Super Structure : 304,200  square Feet
  • Sub Structure : 116,200  square Feet

Residential Building : 155, 500 square Feet

  • Super Structure : 137,634  square Feet
  • Sub Structure : 17,868 square Feet

Mosque  : 39, 000 square feet

  • Super Structure : 35,100  square Feet
  • Sub Structure  : 3,900  square Feet

Driveway, Ground Common, Landscape, Utility, Services etc: 40,298 square feet.

Land Utilization

  1. Commercial Building : 65.00% of total Land
  2. Residential Building : 27.50% of total Land
  3. Mosque : 7.50% of total Land

CSR Concept of this Projects

Under this project, there will be six (06) storied mosque where each floor approximately 6,000 square feet which will be a Social Welfare Project under the cost of Nakshi Homes Ltd. The project is located at Plot # 163, 1/1, 61/1, 61/2, Shantinagar, Polton, Dhaka-1217.