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Knit Composite Project Business Plan

Project Description


The global knitting industry is growing at a fast rate as the popularity of knitting has grown tremendously in recent years. The increased versatility of techniques, the adaptability of many new man-made fibers and the rising in consumer demand for the greatly expanding areas of sportswear, other casual wear is driving the growth. Bangladesh knit sector is one of the largest knit garments manufacturing industry in the world considering both capabilities and competitiveness. The sector is producing top quality knit garments at the lowest cost. Bangladesh has been a heaven for producing knit garments for global brands who are always getting the best deal here, taking out the best quality out of the lowest possible money.

There are a total of 4560 garments factories in Bangladesh exporting apparel products in the global market, of them about 2500 are knit garment factories. With almost all major retailers, Bangladesh has a significant market share in cotton & cotton-rich knit products for the last 16 years. World’s leading brands are sourcing knit garments from Bangladesh like H&M, Walmart, C&A, Zara etc. Bangladesh exports numerous popular knit items to the global market. Recently Bangladeshi knit manufacturers have concentrated on making value-added items to sustain strongly in the global arena. In 2018 (calendar year), Bangladesh knit sector saw great growth. Economists and business leaders opined that calmness in the country’s political arena, the US-China trade war, and improvement in safety conditions in the ready-made garment factories were main reasons behind the increase of knit export. Bangladesh exports knit items to almost 50 countries where the European Union (EU) and the USA are the main destinations. According to BGMEA data, in 2018, Bangladesh knit sector exports 11.61 billion USD in EU and 1.43 billion USD in the USA. In the non-traditional market, knit sector exports 2.72 million USD.

Bangladesh textile and apparel industry is standing at a cross road facing difficult challenges. But this is also true that opportunity resides at the opposite of the challenges. It’s a high time for the industry take appropriate steps to step over the hurdles and avail the opportunities in offering in plenty in the global market. Still Bangladesh is regarded as one of the best choices for most of the buyers as safe and secure source of readymade garments. And as our capability of designing and product development improves industry will start making more value added products, the trend of which is already evident. Today Bangladesh is the home of highest number of green factories which adds to our positive image as a sustainable partner of global business. And most importantly, non-compliance factories are gradually pushed out of the market which is also a good sign in the longer run.

Knit Line Fashion Ltd (KLF) is going to setup a knit composite project which involves Knitting, Dyeing, All Over Printing and Knits Garments. Export products will include T-Shirt (Single Jersey Plain), Polo Shirt (Single Jersey and Double Jersey Interlock), Ladies wear (Single Jersey Interlock) and Children Dress.

Knitting Capacity/Day will be 20 MT, Dyeing Capacity/Day will be 20  MT and All Over Printing Capacity/Day will be 10 MT. There will be total 25 Knit Production Lines in this proposed project.

Attainable Knit Garments Production Capacity/day will be 37,500 pcs and per Line/day production will be 1,500 pcs.

The attainable sales will be Daily BDT 12.27 mln, Monthly BDT 306.80 mln and Yearly BDT 3,681.56 mln.

This project will be located at Plot No. M-1, Road+ Lake View, Eastern Housing, Pallabi, Mirpur-Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh.