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Tourism Industry of Bangladesh

For the past decade, Bangladesh has been a regional force in terms of growth managing to lift itself from the least-developed country category. This became possible for a number of drivers like the RMG sector, foreign remittances, etc. However, going forward, the need to diversify the economy is immense in order to sustain this growth. Strengthening other dormant sectors is a necessity more than a choice.
With the natural beauty of the Sundarbans, one of the largest mangrove forests in the world, and Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach, the longest in the world, and many more, the country’s tourism industry bears huge potential for catering to local and foreign travelers big time.

Tourism brings several monetary, sociable and also environmentally friendly rewards, specifically inside countryside locations. The living standard of the people has improved due to the economic growth of the country escalating the number of domestic tourists. Both the aviation and tourism sectors of the country have witnessed momentum of rapid growth with huge investment in recent years. Development work is now underway to modernize the country’s aviation infrastructures, besides, for the collective improvement of the tourism industry the tourism master plan is also on the cards. The government has set a target to raise the contribution of the tourism sector to the economy to the tune of 10% of the GDP in the days to come. The contribution of the travel and tourism sector has been on an upward path from the year 2000, even though there have been significant ups and downs. In 2019, the sector contributed 4.4 per cent of the GDP.

Wedding Tourism is a travel concept where a couple, and typically their guests, travel to a remote location to get married. Wedding tourism is often termed as ‘Marriage Tourism’ or ‘Destination Weddings,’ but the market also encompasses honeymoons. Wedding tourism plays a vital role for the businesses involved in the travel and tourism sector. The rise in the number of hotels, resorts, cruise line stop-offs, and flight-connectivity in these, often exotic, locations has made it easier for couples to get married at their preferred destination. For emerging tourism areas or local economies, wedding tourism has become a main source of revenue.

With the increasing access to affordable travel options and a large number of scenic locations, destination weddings have rapidly gained popularity. The cost of a destination wedding is significantly cheaper than a wedding at home, as many players offer allinclusive discounts on destination wedding packages. These events involve smaller number of guests, augmenting market prospects. Change in lifestyles and growing incomes are some factors that open the door for new players to enter the market. The rise in social media influencers has supported destination weddings. Millennials are changing the way destination weddings are done, turning them into grand, once-in-alifetime vacations. Additional events such as pool parties, tracking, beauty pageants, mehndi/tattoos & couple dance parties contribute to growth. Due to bright potentials of the tourism sector in Bangladesh, Golpata Eco Tours (GET) has taken initiative to establish a wedding beach resort & restaurant project at Baharchara, Teknaf Marine Drive Road, Teknaf, Coxs-Bazar, Bangladesh. Due to sizeable market in recent years, the project will be technically feasible, financially rewarding and economically & commercially viable.

Market Potential of Tourism Industry

Bangladesh’s domestic tourism arguably was born as the beach town of Cox’s Bazar started to be recognized as a holiday destination, and it has been a bustling hub for tourists for many years now. Cox’s Bazar is a heaven of golden sands, towering cliffs, surfing waves, rare conch
shells, colourful pagodas, Buddhist temples and tribes, delightful sea food – this is Cox’s Bazar, the tourist capital of Bangladesh. Having the world’s longest (120 kilometres) beach sloping gently down to the blue waters of the Bay of Bengal, Cox’s Bazar is one of the most attractive
tourist spots in the country.

Located at a distance of 152 km south of chittagong, the leading seaport of Bangladesh, Cox’s Bazar is connected both by air and road from Dhaka and Chittagong. Visits to the picnic spot at Himchari, Teknaf – southern-most tip of Bangladesh and nearby islands of Sonadia and Moheshkhali are memorable experiences of a lifetime. Cox’s Bazar saw 2.58 million visitors in 2012. This number is expected to grow to 7.0 million by 2024. There are opportunities for an indoor marine park and aquarium, which can be clubbed with any medium- to high- density tourism driver and luxury hospitality concept.

Project Overview of Golpata Eco Tours

Project Plan

Golpata Eco Tours (GET) is planning to launch a wedding beach resort and restaurant project. This project will be the sweetest, modern wedding cottage. Golpata wedding beach resort is absolutely charming. It will be simply classic with a modern twist. The cottage will compliment any wedding style. Golpata eco wedding beach resort will be perfect venue for any intimate wedding ceremony or micro wedding.

In this project, there will be Luxury Wedding room, VIP Room, Honeymoon cottage, Restaurants, Bar, Banquet Hall, Beach side seating arrangement and Sampan boats facilities. There will be twelve (12) VIP Cottages, two (02) honeymoon cottages, two (02) banquet halls,
two (02) wedding rooms, one (01) bar and two (02) restaurants in this project. In this proposed project, total land size is 184.44 decimals which is located at Baharchara, Teknaf Marine Drive Road, Teknaf, Coxs-Bazar, Bangladesh.

Full feasibility report and Business plan of Golpata Eco Tours is available to SRCA and Golpata Eco Tours.