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China now largest FDI source of Bangladesh

09 Jan

China now largest FDI source of Bangladesh

China has become the largest FDI (foreign direct investment) source country of Bangladesh in terms of the gross flow of $940 million for fiscal year 2022.

It has also ranked top in foreign investors with 104 investors at eight export-processing zones (EPZs). China has been the largest trading partner of Bangladesh for the past 12 consecutive years.

The trade volume between the two countries increased by 58 per cent last year showing strong resilience of bilateral trade during the Covid-19 pandemic. Chinese companies in EPZs have created employment for 129,000 people while companies outside the EPZ and Chinese building contractors continue to hiring more and more local workers.

Skills of various professionals have also been increased due to work experience with Chinese companies here and overseas. During the past decades, we have sowed the seeds of mutual benefit, nurtured shared growth through comprehensive collaboration and discussion. We are now entering a harvest season.  According to the Chinese embassy, more than 3,600 officials and technical staffers have attended the Chinese government’s seminars and training courses since 2013, mostly offline before 2020.